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" There are supermodels - and then there's Gisele" - The Independent

-"When it comes to money, Gisele really knows her stuff." - Katie Grand

-"Gisele is 100 per cent photogenic. It sounds shallow, but it's in the way that her face and body are put together, they work every time." fashion photographer Elaine Constantine.

-"I thought she was the most perfect girl I've ever seen," she says. "She's exceptionally savvy - you really feel that she's in control of her career. I'm sure she owed a lot to her agency in the beginning, but you do get the feeling that ultimately it's Gisele's decision what she does and, probably, how much she gets." - Katie Grand

-"She's one of those models who can do anything. Her exuberance, her sexiness. She puts the work in and she'll wait for the right shot, sometimes for hours and hours." - Lee Swillingham, creative director of LOVE

-"The only time I've ever seen her say 'no' - and I've made her lie naked on hospital floors - it was midday, 140 degree heat, Death Valley, in a fur coat. She said 'I can't stand anymore', but the previous evening, wearing a bikini in a thunder and lightning storm, she'd been fine." - Katie Grand

-"Where some models take the money [for commercial, rather than editorial, work] and are then embarrassed to enter into it, when she's decided to do the campaign, she's 100 per cent behind it. If they ask her to say 'This is the best lipstick in the world', she does. It's slightly tongue in cheek, but you get swept along with her enthusiasm." - Nick Knight

-"She's a goddess. She has the look, the personality, the strength, the sexy side, yet as well as this, she's so warm, so likeable." - John Galliano

-"Gisele on her own has managed to revive the concept of "Supermodel" - Anna Wintour

-"She is even better in the flesh. I think it was her first season in Paris when she came to do a fitting. I had heard about Gisele, but when she walked in the room I felt like my fingers had been put into the electrical socket, like, pwoah! Pure electricity." says Dior designer John Galliano.

-"What I love about her is her sensuality and energy. Gisele is one of a kind." Donatella Versace.

-She is friendly to everyone (down to the last production assistant), raids the cookie plate herself, and chats nonstop. She manages to keep it real despite the maelstrom of press reports chronicling her life. - Peter Lindbergh

-"She devours the camera. Gisele is very much a part of the creative process and always pushes herself and us to create a strong, sexy icon. She has really helped redefine who the Dior character is and taken it to the next level." John Galliano

-"She brought sexy back way before Justin Timberlake," John Galliano

-"We love her attitude. She's self-confident, conscious of her beauty, independent. She is what a woman should be." Dolce & Gabbana

-Gisele is the only one who can increase the selling of any kind of product." Dolce & Gabbana, GQ Italy September 2007.

“The added bonus was working with Gisele.” Bekian states. “She is super cool, very down-to-earth, and genuinely a nice person.” The shoot ran flawlessly, and everyone enjoyed the experience of working with such incredibly talented and kind artists.
Loyal Studios owner, Bob Bekian.

-“Her personality really won me over,” “She’s filled with life.” Mario Testino

-“Gisele is totally illuminated, and it comes from within,” “She is warm-hearted, good-humored, and has a lot of self-esteem.” Michael Kors

-“If there is a model that incorporates a strong, secure woman who is unafraid of her sensuality, she is Gisele,” Marc Jacobs.

Gisele is amazing!!! She’s beautiful, a pro, absolutely lovely & has beyond amazing energy!! Makeup Artist Pat McGrath

"In Brazil, whatever Gisele touches, Gisele sells. In the Brazilian market, she has become number one, a total icon.” - Joyce Pascowitch, owner of Brazil’s Glamurama celebrity/fashion website

Vogue UK December 2011:
"Gisele, you gotta love her! So warm and exuberant & genuinely earth-motherly. A golden retriever would be more aloof than she is"

G's mind is so positive, when she thinks something it just happens. She doesn't allow the negativity to get in there" Yao Li (Kung fu teacher)

"She's like a puppy with this boundless energy & enthusiasm. I challenge anyone to not become a little smitten in her presence"

Her agent Anne Nelson comments that its Gisele's effervescent nature, rather than her gravity defying figure, that sets her apart in the modeling world. "She's a great spokeswoman. Its the way she communicates and promotes products. Even if a woman is the most beautiful in the world it means nothing if she can't speak or communicate. It's her down to earth manner, vibrant personality, and her ability to project friendliness and accessibility." Harper's Bazaar UK 2008

"She is confident both personally and professionally, and that is something that has never changed as long as we've known her. Her self confidence radiates throughout her entire life." Dolce and Gabbana

"Perhaps more than a sunny personality though, Gisele is consummately professional. At our cover shoot she turns up dead on time (as always)." Harpers Bazaar UK 2008

"You have a really varied crew of favorites ”Daria, Tasha, Guinevere, Kate Moss, among others. What do you respond to in all these different girls?

IVL: Its all about personality. For instance, we love working with Raquel [Zimmermann] because shes someone that doesnt necessarily care whether shes beautiful in a picture. She has this incredible amount of trust and shes ready to be anything, because shes interested in the process of creating an image.

VM: Gisele is the same." Style.com interviews Inez And Vinoodh

"Everything she touches turns to gold and companies that have invested in her have reaped the rewards." Vogue Italia February 2012

"I see Gisele all the time. Sometimes I forget how major she is," says @guidopalau. (Backstage Alexander Wang F/W 2012)

GISELE. That is all. - W Magazine

"Besides the beauty, her personality is strong, full of life and at the same time supersnesitive". Nicholas Ghesquiere, Balenciaga's designer

"She is extremely intelligent,professional and determined. Gisele knows how to show the best in each item of clothing, and this is what makes her different from other models." Nick Knight, photographer

"I love her energy,joy of life and positivity." Steven Meisel, photographer

"Gisele is totally illuminated and it comes from within. In a sea of people she lights up the environment not only because she is beautiful, but because she is warm hearted, good humored, and has a lot of self esteem." Michael Kors, designer

"What impressed me most in her was not only her beauty, but her personality. Extraordinary. So full of positive energy with a strong will and determination." Angela Missoni, owner of MISSONI

"Besides being a celebrity, Gisele is a world fashion icon. Her notorious sensuality will give a boost to the new collection which, just like Gisele, is also very sensual." Marc Jacobs on choosing Gisele for the label in 2006

"Gisele has managed to achieve a certain distinction. She is kind and nice to people. She never became a diva. She is one of the most empathetic celebrities toward the public." Wagner Lungov, Nivea's business director

"Her sexy look is what makes her different from others." Michael Roberts fashion and style director of Vanity Fair

"I see many beautiful girls in the world of fashion but few of them have the absolute beauty of Gisele. She is perfect. She has a perfect tushy,perfect hair,waistline...even the fingers are beautiful." Mario Testino

"Gisele? Most beautiful. She has the most perfect body in the world." Giorgio Armani

"The key to her success, I think , is that she was and she has always been mainly Gisele. a happy Brazilian woman, physically vibrant, with long hair, sparkling eyes, freckles and a nose, totally her own nose. Her body continues to be athletic and with curvy lines (by the fashion standards) but the most important thing is that her personality is always winning." Anna Wintour

"No matter who the client is, Gisele Bundchen is always a top notch professional and gives her 110% to the day." - celebrity makeup artist Terri Apanasewicz.

"She is a wonderful woman both inside and outside. Gisele with her optimism and her way of being so cheerful is a true hymn to life." Fabio Crovi director of MUSE magazine

"We have settled on Gisele again because she is a model and a celebrity and she is very special as well. She interprets clothes better than anyone else. It's not only a question of beauty but a question of character." Eva Cavalli wife of designer Roberto Cavalli

"She is the ideal model for Versace because she makes the clothes come to life the way I want them to look. Sexy and strong." Donatella Versace

"She hasn't done a show in New York for over ten years. I've been a fan of hers since day 1. I was in high school collecting all her magazine covers. I think that there is an energy about her that really exudes past her physical looks. She just brings so much energy to a room, a picture. When you see her even without saying anything just such a great great model at that. She's so humble, do down to earth. I love her." Alexander Wang 2012

"She's Gisele. She gets the picture in fewer takes than any other model I've ever worked with. She knows her angles, she knows her light. She's sort of the boss and everyone respects that. She gets involved." Greg Kadel

There is no doubt that from Brazil back to Milan, New York and over to Germany, Gisele remains, of the two financial giants of the industry, capable of moving masses of product to the consumer. From fragrance to sandals to watches, high end clothing to swim wear, La Gisele can rock it all. She's one in a multi-million!
Gisele Bundchen - Models.com

It'll be a long time before any other model will nab anything like the $25 million dollar Victoria's Secret mega-contract that put Ms Bundchen on the map five years ago. Though she has since then moved on from the brand Gisele still looms as the highest earning model on the planet and remains one of the only two models who actually can move mags on the newsstands. - Models.com

Viva La Gisele. She of the cascading hair, the shimmering skin, the impossible body and the effervescent personality. Still rocking every magazine cover in sight, from GQ to V and Arena. Still clocking the massive bucks that sends the wags wagging in amazement, Gisele truly looms as THE last supermodel of our era. She is a Brazilian national hero for a reason. - Models.com

Karl Lagerfeld describes his muse Babtiste Giabiconi as the male version of Gisele: "skinny, skinny but with an athletic body — good for clothes and great with no clothes.”

"Its easy to hate Gisele Bundchen. Until you meet her." - Cover Magazine 2007

"We literally had just a couple of minutes to shoot that picture. Gisele is from a dying breed of models. Women who can move,who understand their bodies and aren't afraid to do things, I don't think there are many of those girls left." Norman Jean Roy

“She has an inner-life. I hate to use the word sexy, but she’s sensual and fluid and beautiful.” - David Yurman

The designer Riccardo Tisci spent the afternoon of Friday, November 4, in the studio of photographer Bob Wolfenson, in SÃo Paulo, following a trial that is preparing for ELLE magazine. In an informal conversation with the staff of the magazine, fashion designer, who was shy and very nice, Gisele Bundchen confirmed as poster girl of the 2012 summer campaign of the brand. He said Gisele modeled for the brand in the Givenchy show at Paris fashion week for a symbolic fee - "she did out of friendship" - and that the presence of the top on the catwalk "generated very good results for Givenchy."

Ivan Bart - Vice President of IMG models.
"Some people really want to be famous and leave this industry having made a lot of money. That's all management decisions: what does the model want to do, what do we do to make that happen?

"And if you get to a point where you represent a Gisele [Bundchen] who maximizes her fame, realizes her potential, generates income and makes opportunities in her own country, that's pretty great from a management standpoint. She's doing top editorials, she's walking runways, she's working for a big company and were still figuring out how to maximize her fame. That's basically it. It's IMG - INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT GROUP - We're management."

Model agents today are so keen on finding new models and the scouting network has become so sophisticated with technology and travel. Do you think that could ever become detrimental to the careers of models?
It is our responsibility as managers to understand who has the biggest potential. There’s a lot of beautiful women out there and it’s up to us to help the customer say, ‘This is the one.’ It comes down to personality, and something I always look for is the X factor — that buzz word which sets a girl apart from others.
There’s a lot of turnover and everyone’s asking: ‘Where are all of the supermodels?’ I’ll tell you, the new generation of supermodels are always the models with personality, always the models you want to work with again.

Someone like Gisele Bündchen, who has worked extremely hard in fashion and ended up at a mass-market brand like Victoria Secret, has been able to walk a tightrope between mass-market and luxury fashion.

When she was just starting out, Gisele kept a diary with notes on all of her expenses, day by day. She was totally focused, from the start. -Vogue Brazil's longtime fashion director, Giovanni Frasson

“It’s fairly unheard of for anyone to hold down a commercial underwear campaign as well as Dior, the acme of luxury fashion,” says Penny Martin, professor of fashion imagery at the London College of Fashion. How has Bündchen managed to retain her credibility?

“She has always used her intelligence,” says Vogue’s fashion director, Lucinda Chambers. “When you are intelligently selective, you can manage your career in a way that keeps your profile up and on the highest level.”

The photographer Nick Knight worked with Bündchen on her first big advertising campaign, for Christian Dior in 1998. The pictures reconstructed a foam party at an Ibiza nightclub. “She was in foam from midday til midnight for five days,” remembers Knight. “That’s like a physical endurance test.”

Bündchen is often compared to the original supermodels of the late 1980s. But there are no tales of tantrums or diva-ish demands that the likes of phone-throwing Naomi Campbell and $10,000-dollars-a-day Linda Evangelista generated at the height of their fame. On the contrary, Bündchen is known for her on-set ease, and constant chatter; Knight recalls her once cutting his assistant’s hair between shots.

Says photographer Elaine Constantine: “Before Gisele, you had a lot of silly cows getting away with a load of bullshit, and suddenly you had girls coming in with this professional work ethic, who were very well grounded. I think younger models aspire to be Gisele rather than anyone else. And she’s probably the ultimate supermodel, really, isn’t she?”

“She could have become the spokeswoman for General Motors or Ford, both of which have received government bailouts and may yet declare themselves bankrupt. But Volkswagen is in much better shape, and is even considering buying Porsche,” says Fuld. By the end of 2007, Gisele’s index was up 29 per cent in comparison to the Dow’s 6.5 per cent. And when she terminated the Victoria’s Secret contract, parent company Limited Brand’s share price fell 31.5 per cent. And, although the Gisele Index is down 15.7 per cent between 2007 and 2009, it still managed to outperform the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which was down over 30 per cent during the same period.

Bündchen is also an avid property tycoon. Photographer Alice Hawkins once shot in model at one of her homes, a Manhattan penthouse triplex.

“She was pointing out other skyscrapers through the window and telling us which floors she owned in which,” recalls Hawkins, “She likes buying property, doing it up and selling it on. She’s very clever about making money – it’s an interest of hers.”

The celebrity shutterbug said that while editing photos of Tom Brady’s lady, he always scans for problems or imperfections. “And she has no problems. I’m telling you, it’s perfect,” he said. “Everything, the skin, the hands, the ankles. . . . She is very lucky.” - Mario Testino

Mario Testino Talks Muses and Models (and the ‘New Kate Moss’) at His First US Exhibition by Tyler McCall With so many stunning photos featuring famous faces ranging from Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady to Lady Gaga, we had to ask Testino about the subjects of his shoots. Prominent in the exhibition are two of Testino’s muses, Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen. Not only are they both stunningly gorgeous–Testino even went so far as to say that Gisele “has no flaws”–but the photographer praised both for their personalities and their work ethic. “I think that you can’t do it any other way,” he said of working with models who have strong personalities, “because then the pictures are nothing. You see, the pictures have to have content, it’s not just a plastic outside, it’s also the inside. So you try to get the two together as much as possible.” - Mario Testino

Gisele is one of the the most warm-hearted and good humored individuals I know.- Michael Kors

Of Bündchen’s success, chief marketing officer of Limited Brands Ed Razek says: “The [models] that are coming up, their model for excellence is Gisele. They’re looking at her and saying ‘that’s what I want to shoot for.”

"Gisele Bündchen is clearly in a class by herself, and has been for a number of years," says Edward Razek, chief marketing officer of Limited Brands ( LTD - news - people ), who worked with the supermodel during her Victoria's Secret career. "She's an international icon who can also move product--from shampoo to couture."

"Modern, independent and positive, she is also a nature lover who has a healthy lifestyle and enjoys the great outdoors. She is at one with herself and perfectly represents the values of this line: natural beauty, simplicity, freedom and a healthy glow." Chanel on choosing Gisele for makeup line Les Beiges

Elle's creative director Joe Zee told us yesterday that Tom Brady's glamorous girlfriend is the consummate pro. "She's so smart and does it all without fanfare," he said. The shoot lasted three hours, after which Gi boarded a plane bound for Boston. "It was right after Tom was injured and Gisele was leaving with suitcases full of books and movies for him," said Zee. "I ran out during the shoot and got her an unrated version of 'The Ruins.'" Spooky fun. Zee has no idea if they'll marry, but he calls Brady and Bundchen an uncommonly cool couple. "They're low key," he said. "They don't run around in the limelight like Posh and Becks. They're normal."

That body. That face. That husband. If she werent so nice it would be hard o love her. -Derek Blasberg

"I met her when she was 17 at a casting in New York. I thought someone had turned on the light when she walked in. I kept telling people, "I have this girl!" They weren't so sure. Then, a year later, all the people who weren't so sure had to have her! She has no problems, skin, hands...she's been gifted. And on top of it she's kind and energetic." She's a hard worker. She (looks at a picture) says, "I can do it better!" She brings energy. You can either be blank or you can be inquisitive and bring a whole new light. She brings a light." - Mario Testino, Bostonista blog

"She's a very loving and warm person" Photographers Inez & Vinoodh, Porter Magazine

"She was la donna, with a fresh edge. Shes Latina, she's Brazilian; her blood is full of energy & passion" - Dolce & Gabbana, Porter Magazine

Other models on Gisele:
"In order to become a supermodel one must be on all the covers all over the world at the same time so that people can recognise the girls. Miss Schiffer believes the Brazilian Gisele Bundchen is one of the few women to have supermodel status today.
"Her face is well known, her name is recognised - but no other girl occurs to me that people in the street would recognise," she said. - Claudia Schiffer in 2007

"Models need to earn their stripes - I just think the term is used a little too loosely. "Kate Moss is obviously a supermodel but, after Gisele, I don't think there's been one." - Naomi Cammpbell

"There are no Supermodels left today, except for one. She is of course, Gisele Bundchen." Naomi Campbell

"Gisele has it all. You can be ever so beautiful, but you need personality as well" Naomi Campbell

-"Best of all is Isabeli and the second is Gisele, which could be a snob with other models, but she is not. She knows everybody's name and always says "hi", she is very nice." - Bianca Balti

but does she buy into the modern lament that supermodels no longer exist? "I don't know." She gives a diplomatic wag of the head. "Maybe there haven't been that many at any one time again, but just think of Gisele and Daria [Werbowy]. And look at Kate. - Christy Turlington

Who are your favourite Victoria's Secret Angels from the past?
Swanepoel: Tyra, Gizelle.
Kroes: I think Gizelle is my favourite.
Swanepoel: Me too.
Kroes: I think she's everybody's. We just saw her at the Met Ball and she looks gorgeous.
Models Doutzen Kroes and Candice Swanepoel

Karlie Kloss on being compared to Gisele:
I had to ask about what she thinks about the comparisons to Gisele Bundchen, which we've been hearing a lot of--the first model in years to straddle both high fashion and the lucrative lingerie worlds with serious success in both. "That's an incredible, incredible compliment," she said. "Not many people are able to do that. Gisele is someone who is a huge role model to me for many reasons, and even being mentioned in the same sentence as her is pretty cool to me."

Who was her favorite model growing up? She told OK! "Oh my god, Gisele of course! Gisele is the ultimate." Karlie Kloss

If you had to pick one show, which was the most memorable?
Alexander Wang in New York was the first fashion show I had ever walked in, so that was memorable, and the Prada exclusive was such a huge opportunity for me. However, one of my favorite stories would be from the Givenchy show, when my shoe broke before the run-through. A very chivalrous Gisele Bündchen rescued me! She told the dressers, "She needs new shoes!" 17 yr old British model Lara Mullen

"I love the way Gisele looks," Macpherson told us at her Intimates lingerie label's tenth birthday party at Selfridges yesterday. "She is obviously totally my DNA taste. She's also really natural looking. She's growing her brand; she's staying true to herself; she's versatile; she's also a great mum: she's a cool girl. I like what she represents. And there's a naturalness and a wholesomeness about her. And I understand - from the Eighties and the Nineties - those were the kind of girls who were successful. I relate to her. She gets dressed up when she has to for work, but other than that she looks unbelievable in a pair of jeans." - Elle MacPherson to British Vogue November 2011

"My beauty icons are definitely Gisele Bundchen and Angelina Jolie because they are not only gorgeous but seem sweet and nice. They also give back. Gisele is very conscious of the environment and is a goodwill Ambassador and so is Angelina Jolie. They help refugees,children and people less fortunate. I think people forget that they do not have to do that. They do it because they want to help other people and I think that is inspring and something all girls should aspire to do." Model Lily Aldridge

"Gisele is the goddess of all models. She has a sexy image, her career is so complete, I always look at her when I need some guidance or inspiration." Rosie Huntington Whiteley told O Globo 2012

“Gisele Bündchen has always been an inspiration and role model as a person and as a business woman. LaetitiaCasta for her natural beauty. I tend to look up to older icons like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Karen Mulder…” - Candice Swanepoel MUSE magazine

"Gisele Bundchen I always admired. I think she is an example for all models. If I could have just a little bit of her career would already be a happy girl. She seems to be a determined woman, a fighter, very strong. I think she is an icon of Brazilian people. Gisele is a woman who is extremely inspiring, not only in the fashion world, she also does great things for the world." - Rosie Huntington Whiteley

“I really looked up to Gisele [Bundchen], because I think that was when she was in her heyday – well, it’s always been her heyday – but she was newer at that time,” Rosie shared. “And Kate Moss too, of course. She’s just iconic.” - Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley thinks of herself as ''a business'' and admires the work ethic of supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley thinks of herself as ''a business''. The model-and-actress - who is in a relationship with actor Jason Statham - admires the work ethic of supermodel Gisele Bundchen and has learned a lot in her approach to work from her. She said: ''I love Gisele. She has such a healthy image and has made herself into a brand. ''I guess I try and think of myself as a business. And I want to go to work.'' Rosie thinks having a ''strong personality'' is key to success in the fashion world, but she hates the fact she can be thought of as ''a bitch'' because she isn't afraid to speak her mind. She added in an interview with Sunday Times Style magazine: ''You have to have a strong personality, to be able to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and you have to find your voice pretty quickly to be able to say no and stand up for yourself. ''When a woman wants something and she goes about it in a tough way, a lot of the times she gets branded a bitch. That p***es me off because when a man is firm, he's just doing his business. But I definitely don't go around stomping my feet and shouting.''

"There are so many wonderful supermoguls, Gisele Bundchen; I find her strong and brave." - Kathy Ireland

- You said that when he began his career, fashion in Brazil was restricted. How do you see today? - I think Gisele Bundchen was essential for the growth we had. Before it, the Brazilians had a bad reputation: fattening, returning to the country because of dating and did not arrive on time. Our image has changed thanks to Gisele, she gave the touch of professional career. This is that, thereafter, there was an increase of Brazilian tops recognized throughout the world. - Ana Beatriz Barros

Which women do you look up to? Gisele [Bündchen] is an amazing role model. She’s an activist, a mother, a strong woman. And modeling is not about beauty, it’s an opportunity to be empowered to inspire others and to use the opportunity to do special things and I think Gisele is a great example of that. - Erin Heatherton

"I think we all want to be Gisele Bündchen. Whether it inspires. Not only for her beauty. Successful she is, is a businesswoman, is an activist, a good mother is a strong woman and a good example to all the powerful women . Everybody wants to know what she does or says, rather than what she wears." - Erin Heatherton to Vogue Brasil

"after having worked with Gisele, I turned even bigger fan. Gisele is an unbelievable woman, has a light, beauty, professionalism, charisma, a set all in one woman only! ". -Marlon Texeira to Vogue Brasil

"The ultimate Angel? It has to be Gisele," she smiled. "I loved seeing Gisele with wings. I loved seeing her strut right down the runway, it was always super powerful." - Toni Garrn

POP CULTURE(other celebrities mentioning Gisele)
"If I could choose an ideal body, I’d take Gisele Bündchen’s," says Peet. "I challenge anyone to say she wouldn’t want Gisele’s body, deep down." - Amanda Peet

-"Gisele is great, her & Tommy have the same personality... truly two great SUPER humble icons... rare in todays world!!" - Donte Stallworth

In the May 2011 issue of Vanity Fair pop singer Katy Perry stated, When asked about the infamous photo Brand tweeted of her without makeup in the middle of the night, Perry laughs it off. “We were just messing around,” she says, “I didn’t really care. I mean, when I go to rehearsals I look like that. I’m every woman. It takes a village to make me who I am…. You don’t have to wake up looking like, you know, Gisele.”

“I wouldn’t mind legs like Gisele’s!” she said. “Who would say no to another 6 inches on their legs?” - Jessica Alba

In the August 2011 issue of Allure Magazine Jessica Alba stated; “I can’t ever get down to the weight I was before I had Honor,” she says. “My body’s just different. The jeans just sort of zip up differently, and things hang differently. It’s a miracle what happens, but you definitely are different afterward.” She laughs. “Unless you’re Gisele.”

In the October 2011 edition of Harper's Bazaar music star Beyonce named Gisele as one of her style icons. "As for her current fashion inspirations, Beyoncé says, "I love Kate Moss. I think she has great style. And I always admire Victoria Beckham and Gisele [Bündchen]. Their style is modern but always classic."

"We all want to look like Gisele and look good in those sparkly leggings and then we wear them and don't look good in them because that's Gisele's shape," Cole told us. "We have to accept - well I have to accept - that I'm never going to be 6'2." - Cheryl Cole

'I’m not perfect - I don’t look like Gisele. But there’s someone out there for everyone to look up to and emulate. - Kelly Brook

"On a scale of 1 to Gisele my girlfriend is a 9" - Andy from The Office

"She's all about business, and she's all about fun. That's why she's the best; she has fun while she's doing it". - Lebron James

"Women are so unforgiving of themselves. No we are not all Gisele or Beyonce." Kelly Osbourne

"I think of Gisele Bundchen to get myself on the treadmill" - Emmy Rossum

On her Gisele Bündchen crush: “I have a top-five list, and Gisele is my number one. So she can do no wrong in my eyes. …everyone has a top-five list of their biggest crushes, you know? Usually, it’s guys on my list, but Gisele is just so perfect in every way.” - Brooklyn Decker

"I want to be the next Gisele Bundchen . Everything she does, who she is, what she's done, she's just amazing." - Kendall Jenner

"I just laugh [when people talk about my looks]. There are women I look at as beautiful — Gisele [Bündchen], she’s my ultimate mega-crush — but I look at myself as just me; I don’t see myself as that.” - Erin Andrews

Shit is real, got me feeling Israelian Like Bar Refaeli, Gisele, nah that's Brazilian (Kanye West Clique lyrics)

"I know [my breasts] have opened doors for me, let's be real," she says. "But I so hate when I see Gisele and she is wearing a tiny little tank top with no bra, like, 'Oh, I just threw this on, I look so cute.' If I wore that I would look like I was pregnant, or a fat stripper." - Sofia Vergara

“We look at Gisele, the Victoria’s Secret models — I always love their hair,” Jennifer Aniston and her hair stylist

In an interview to a British MTV show, Kelly Clarkson (30) had to answer a series of questions sent in by fans from around the world, among them was ‘If you had to pick someone to be for 24 hours, who would it be?’. The answer came immediately: ‘Gisele Bundchen!’. “If I were her, I’d be just staring at my breasts. I would just get naked in front of a mirror and saying ‘God did very well’, “explained Kelly. The presenter asked whether, if she had the body of Gisele, she would go naked down the street, and the American replied: “I would walk naked … in a session of frozen supermarket. “ - Kelly Clarkson

"I'm not going to wake up like Gisele tomorrow. That's just not going to happen. She's a genetic freak - and stunning.” - Emmy Rossum

“And then, there I was, with pigtails—looking not at all like Gisele, whom he was dating at the time. I figured my chances were pretty slim, so I just focused on the work.” Amy Adams on working with Leonardo DiCaprio "I love Gisele, who does not love Gisele? - Olivia Wilde 2013

"Gisele has a super positive energy, captivating. I have this fascination. She is undoubtedly a great model and an admirable professional. I think we all cheered for her back." " -Brazilian actor Reynaldo Gianecchini

"I think Gisele [Bündchen] has exquisite hair. That's a pretty envious head of hair. - Jennifer Aniston

“I have a love/hate relationship with my body, Some days I’m happy with it and other days… I wasn’t born with Gisele Bundchen’s body unfortunately, so you got to work for it — but it’s okay.” Madonna
“Do I sometimes look at Gisele Bündchen and wonder how awesome life would be if I never had to wear Spanx? Duh, of course. That’s kind of the point of Gisele Bündchen. ” – Mindy Kaling